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Dear girls with naturally big hair,

I know, you hate headbands. 
They break. They are uncomfortable. 
They don't work if you have lots of hair. 
They make you look like a very old school girl. 

Please read on.

The Saraband is an elegant copper headband that is comfortable, adjustable, unbreakable and it will COMFORTABLY hold back your hair no matter how much you have - and I know because I have a lot of hair.


Ever notice that when you wear a headband, the hair gets flattened in the front, but if you push your hair back with a pair of sunglasses, it looks pretty cool? I figured it out and "squared" my headband at the corners so you "keep the pouf" in front.

If you are an NBIGH (naturally big haired) girl, you might find yourself wearing the Saraband all the time and wondering how you ever lived without it. 
The Perfect Headband
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